New Walt Disney World Now The Latest To Put Out Coronavirus Survey

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In the last few days we’ve seen Sea World and Universal Orlando put out guest surveys about park reopening feedback and coronavirus safety procedure feedback. Now it appears Walt Disney World has entered the ring with their own survey. Theirs is going out to guests that have trips scheduled.

The survey consists of a few questions that follow this statement:

Assuming the following:

  • Stay-at-home restrictions have been lifted and you are able to travel
  • No restrictions in Central Florida prevent you from traveling to the area
  • Travel providers and Central Florida attractions, including the Walt Disney World Resort, will have implemented a new set of health and safety measures (such as all employees and customers wearing face coverings, enhanced disinfecting and cleaning of facilities, limiting capacity and density of large gatherings, etc.)

The questions we know of were:

  1. What, if anything, would make you more likely to keep your Walt Disney World Reservation for___? 

The questions vary here. Some got June while others got July.

2. What, if anything, would make you consider cancelling your Walt Disney World Resort hotel reservation for ____? 

Again the month varies according to a guest’s reservation.

3. How committed are you to your currently planned Walt Disney World resort hotel booking for ____? 

Insert month again

Other questions guests received were?

4. You indicated that if select rides, shows, or other entertainment experiences within theme parks are not available, you would consider canceling your reservation. Please indicate which rides, shows, or other entertainment experiences within theme parks would cause you to to definitely cancel your reservation if they were closed.

5. Whether or not you are interested in these activities, when do you think you would be comfortable doing each of the following?

It’s interesting to see that Disney is not surveying on things other than the parks, like we saw with Universal Orlando and Sea World. It’s also interesting that they are also asking about different time frames to see if the later dates equate to more feelings of safety for the guests. We saw this with Universal Orlando as well.

What do you think? Comment and let us know!

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