New Walt Disney World Figment Bus Brings a Spark of Joy


This bus wrap makes me really happy. I’m always afraid they are going to do something to get rid of Figment. My nephew is autistic and he just adores Figment. He would be crushed if they ever got rid of him.

He’s not going anywhere for now. Because he’s now a new bus wrap at the Walt Disney World Resort!

WDWNT has posted a great new picture showcasing the purple dragon!  All credit to them for finding it!

It has a lot of cute details like the Journey Into Imagination pavilion in the background and a foot print on the back of the bus. According to WDWNT “..these buses have those new blue seats and laminate floors throughout.”

@BlogMickey on Instagram also posted this:


I love it! Now Disney good job, don’t get rid of Figment and hey let’s bring back Dreamfinder too! A re-booted Journey Into Imagination with Figment and the Dreamfinder would be the one re-boot I could get behind and it would fit the theme of retro Epcot. Just saying.

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