New Visual Arts Programs Added to Disney Youth Education Series

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Color me excited about this article!

Disney has announced some new visual arts programs for their Disney Youth Education Series and as an art teacher, I am loving this!

Beginning this fall, students can sign up to learn about techniques in photography, drawing, animation and painting from professional artists!  I am so glad the included photography in this. It’s something that often gets overlooked and my son is a budding photographer, in fact, several of his photos are used in articles on PNP.

Let’s take a look at the new programs:

Animation Academy: The Secrets of Drawing Disney Characters

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“In this learning adventure participants discover how basic geometric shapes combine to create iconic Disney Characters that allow us to experience a myriad of emotion. Guided by a Disney Artist, students use artist quality materials to illustrate their very own Disney Character. Along the way they’ll add some basic techniques and tricks to their repertoire of core art skills to help give their future drawings a professional edge!”

I’m going to add some commentary here. I really like that they are breaking it down by shapes. It’s something a lot of professional animators and artists do, but it isn’t something that is always taught in schools. As an art teacher I really like that they are doing that here. I’ve found that students learn so much from watching professionals at work. Personally, watching my husband work (he did Disney comics) taught me a lot. Another recommendation for you if you have a student interested in improving their art, watch YouTube tutorial videos–screen them first. But my daughter improved measurably in a week from doing this. Something to consider if you can’t afford one of these programs.


Photography: A Visual Adventure

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“Students will learn the importance of practice and preparation in capturing decisive moments—taking an image from good to great. This learning environment encourages participants to share their struggles and frustrations in taking photos providing an opportunity to do some “tailoring” of content by our photography expert.”

Again, it is invaluable to have one on one time with a professional. They can teach you things you would never think of.  My son recently had the opportunity to enter a photo contest and the judge took time to explain what makes a photo “good.”  What to think about. How to make sure you have focus. How to tell a story. It helped him tremendously. I think if you have a budding photographer this would be an amazing experience. I might want to take my son!


Cel Animation: Ink & Paint

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“This experience provides an opportunity for students to step back in time with the art of hand-painting a celluloid sheet just as the artists did in creating classic Disney films such as Snow White and the Seven DwarfsBambi, and many more. Guided by a knowledgeable Disney Youth Education Series facilitator, students will glove up and paint a character “cel.” Along the way they’ll gain a few insights into the history and the art of Disney animation.”

This one is really exciting. How often do students get the opportunity to try doing “Ink & Paint” on a “cel?” As a parent and a teacher, this one is very exciting to me. What an experience that would be.  Most studios don’t do hand-painted animation. It’s truly a lost art and something fantastic to experience!


Story Telling Drawings: A Gesture Drawing Class

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In this interactive workshop, students will discover the performance benefits of practicing gesture drawing. Guided by a Disney Artist and with the assistance of a live art model, students get a glimpse of the reality of quick sketching from life. Through a variety of costumed model poses, students gain awareness that it’s not about perfection, it’s about self-expression.

I know I keep interjecting but as a teacher I am really excited about these workshops. They are all such good ideas!
Gesture drawing is a fantastic way to practice drawing the figure, plus, it’s a lot of fun. It used to do these types of exercises with third graders and they loved it! It’s full of life and movement.

Now the downside.

They seem to be for groups of 20 students or more. So if you have a school group, club, scout group, etc. this might be a great option to consider. I really wish you could book for one or two children. I would love to send my son!

The age ranges are Middle-Junior High through High School. Prices start at $264.01 per student.

For more information visit the Disney Youth Programs site.

What do you think? Comment and let us know!

Source: Disney Parks Blog

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