New Villain-Con/Minions Attraction Seems More Likely by the Day for Universal Studios Florida


The year 2022 will be full of change at Universal Studios Florida. Fear Factor Live officially being torn down for a rumored Wizarding World attraction. Revenge of the Mummy started an extensive refurbishment scheduled to last until late summer 2022. Recently, the long rumored to close Shrek 4D attraction entertained its last guests. Many rumors drifted in theme park circles about attraction to replace Shrek 4-D.

Finally, after years of Minion attraction rumors growing, Universal Orlando has done everything but officially announced the attraction. If evidence and all the clues Universal Orlando has been leaving are accurate, a Villain-Con moving walkway style attraction will be replacing Shrek 4-D. Using context of the Minions movie, a Villain-Con event will be created as an exhibit where guest get to use special gadgets. Well, those are the most reliable rumors at this point.

Photo credit: Universal Orlando Resort

Back in October, I had believed that new a Minion attraction would be like Web-Slingers in California at Avengers Campus based on old data. Then, we started simply hearing a walk-through attraction idea from years ago seemed more likely.

Now, most solid evidence points to a moving walkway attraction. As Alicia Stella pointed out recently, the permits for the former Shrek 4-D area indicate technology matching a moving walkway being used there. Of course, things could change but with numerous permits being filed, the Villain-Con style attraction seems very likely. At this moment, we believe guests will walk onto a slow constantly moving walkway. Guests will get to use weapons like target practice on a moving walkway stopping at stations along the way.

We should expect the movie detail of Villain-Con magnified within this attraction. We expect guests to enjoy many elements from the movies. Guests would be able to test out various villain designed weapons, gadgets, and technology.

We were hearing that Universal desired to open this attraction within 2022. Universal Orlando would present this as a fulfilling assurance of opening an attraction every year. In fairness, I have seen several reports that this attraction would be opening in early 2023. As theme park fans have learned, expected opening dates for attractions change often.

As Minions fans know, the sequel to the first Minions movie, Minions: The Rise of Gru, presently opens in theaters July 1st, 2022. Universal Orlando has struggled with attraction openings matching movie release dates due to virus conditions postponing release dates. The opening of Jurassic World: Velocicoaster could have matched release date of final Jurassic World movie. However, that movie release date moved to 2022.

Only time will tell with this project. Get your bananas ready. Soon, the power of yellow shines in Production Central area on both sides of the street.

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