New Video Released Shows Police Manhunt For Discovery Island Trespasser


Back in April the story about a man camping on Disney’s Discovery Island hit the news. Police were swarming the island to catch the trespasser and they found and arrested 42 year old Richard McGuire. He has pleaded not guilty to trespassing on Disney property.

Now ClickOrlando has posted a video from deputy body cameras during the search:

The Island closed to the public in 1999, after Disney’s Animal Kingdom was open and part of it took the Discovery Island name. But Disney did have wildlife trail cameras set up and it took a photo of a person on the island, in the early morning on April 30th.

Deputies were called and they used boats and helicopters to access and search the area. I had a tip about it before it broke on the news, but I didn’t have enough to go on to write a story.

McGuire posted the adventure from his side on his YouTube Channel Southern Pirate Outdoors.

According to MovieWeb, they didn’t catch him on the island, but instead caught him as he was trying to boat away.

They only caught McGuire as he took the boat back to the mainland. “Did you go camping?,” asked one deputy. “Yeah,” McGuire responded. “That’s a tropical paradise. I was going to stay out there for about a week.

He also said in a video:

“Luckily, I’ve already taken my daughter Disney World before I got a life ban. Who wouldn’t want to go and have it all to themselves?

I was there when it was open and there were some BIG spiders over there. It’s not someplace that I would think was a great place to go hang out at. But it’s interesting to see both sides of the event. Although, I’m not sure if it was really a good idea to post the video when you are being charged with something.
If something is closed do not trespass onto it for videos.

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