New Trailer For Pixar’s “Lightyear” Shows A More Darker Tone


Pixar has just released a brand new trailer for their latest film Lightyear, a spin-off from the popular Toy Story film series.


The trailer seems to set a more dark and gritty tone for the film. Originally we were meant to believe that it would primarily take place on the space outpost where Buzz Lightyear (Voiced by: Chris Evans) and his crew are preparing for a test flight for a new space ship.

However the new trailer shows that was only the beginning, as during his test flight he goes full Planet of the Apes and was sent 62 years, 4 months and 5 days into the future on a post-apocalyptic looking planet where he meets Izzy (Voiced by: Keke Palmer), the granddaughter of his former partner, Alisha Hawthorne. 

Buzz comes across more wannabe space rangers mourned on this dead planet. Darby Steel (Voiced by: Dale Soules), an elderly woman who is apparently an ex-convict shaving off time from her sentence and is good with explosives. And Mo Morrison (Voiced by: Taika Waititi), a rookie who apparently signed up because he thought it would be like boot camp.

The team must work together to battle Emperor Zurg (Voiced by: James Brolin) from taking over the galaxy with his army of robots. It gives off a tone of Mad Max mixed with Buck Rogers.

Quite the departure from the original concept of the character. Some fans wonder why go in this direction when we already had the Buzz Lightyear of Star Command television series from 2000 – 2001. But this is definitely a different direction that the character hasn’t gone before; And who knows, it might be interesting to see where it lands. If you were expecting something familiar I’m sorry to say but Toy Story Buzz this is not.

Some fans were concerned that this film would be skipping theaters for Disney Plus, similar to Pixar’s last three films Soul, Luca and Turning Red. But since Buzz Lightyear is an established brand Disney appears to have more faith in the film.

Lightyear will be released exclusively in theaters on June 17th.

If we do get a sequel hopefully Mira Nova will make an appearance. 

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