New Trailer For ‘Avatar: The Way Of Water’ Shows Stunning Visuals


A brand new trailer for the upcoming Avatar sequel was released earlier today and it shows off a lot of stunning visuals.

The trailer begins with a shot of two unnamed na’vi swimming in the ocean. We then see a shot of a pregnant Neytiri.

We then have a narration from Jake and Neytiri’s teenage daughter Kiri (played by: Sigourney Weaver).

She says:

“Dad, I know you think I’m crazy, but I feel her. I feel her heartbeat. She’s so close.”

Jake then replies:

“So what does hero heartbeat sound like?”

And she says:


This could be in reference to their deity Eywa, which in the previous film was established as a ‘force’ that connects all the living things on pandora together, like a living ecosystem connected like a brain.

We are given many visuals of the massive landscapes of Pandora. From wide and deep oceans to various mountain ranges and rock formations. It is definitely a sight to behold. If this film will have the option to view it in 3D (which it probably will) then you are sure to be blown away by the visuals. 

We then get some glimpses of human soldiers in robot suits as well as some Avatar soldiers. We know that Stephen Lang’s Colonel Miles Quaritch is somehow back, but as an Avatar. He could potentially be leading this invasion force after the end of the last film.

We also see our heroes travel to another Na’vi tribe, this one being near the ocean. Their skin is a lighter tone when compared to the others, more of a cyan than a blue.

We then get another narration, presumably from Britain Dalton’s Lo’ak.

“The way of water connects all things. Before your birth, and after your death.”

Avatar: The Way of Water releases December 16th. Are you planning on seeing it?

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