New Trailer For ‘Avatar: The Way Of Water’ Releases Online


A surprise this past Monday Night as a new trailer for the upcoming Avatar: The Way of Water released online. Perhaps to coincide with the theatrical release of Strange World.

The trailer gives us more hints into the world and story of this long awaited sequel.

We see that Jake, Neytiri and their family have fled the jungles of Pandora after an attack from the human invaders and have taken refuge amongst the Na’vi of the sea. Their people have a lighter skin tone, thus insinuating another ethnicity of their species.

We did see at least an appearance from a water clan in the first film when Jake was gathering an army, but this appears to be a different clan. One can only assume that in the next sequels we may see other clans or peoples who inhabit this world.

We see Jake and Neytiri’s son, Lo’ak (Played by: Britain Dalton) is trying to fit in with the ocean tribe but feels like an outcast as he is ostracized by his peers. We see him bring thought how to ride one of their mounts, some kind of plesiosaurus creature.

Lo’ak seems to start a romance with Reya, the princess of the water clan.

We also see multiple shots of the vast ocean landscapes and various underwater segments.

We also get a few action shots of the Na’vi fighting back against human invaders and their Avatar soldiers.

There is also a quick look as Stephen Lang’s Colonel Quaritch in his Avatar form.

Like the last trailer we weren’t given much context to the story, just more bits and pieces about the setting and some of the characters and where they are now after this 10 year time skip.

Avatar: The Way of Water releases December 16th exclusively in movie theaters. Are you excited to see the continuation of the Avatar Saga after a 13 year wait?

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