New Strain of COVID Threatens to Keep Disneyland Closed


We recently documented the Biden Administration’s backchannel discussions to limit domestic travel to Florida in an effort to slow down a variant of COVID-19 called B117. While that discussion came with intrinsic political implications, ultimately the Executive Branch of the United States declared that it has no intentions of limiting Floridian tourism. Now, however, a new strain of COVID-19 is arising in California, and its effect on the nation and the world may be of consequence.

With absolutely no pleasure whatsoever, we must report on the new strain known as 20C/L452R. Yes, I know, it’s not a very memorable moniker, but you might want to keep this one in your mind nonetheless. According to, this new strain is showing up in 50% of all cases in California, and it comes with some unfortunate attributes. For one, it seems to be resistant to antibodies, and thus vaccines. For another, it appears it may bring about more deadly results than the strains we’ve dealt with in the United States for the most part.

More Information on the California Strain

Now, a word of caution is due. We are not interested in fearmongering here at Pirate and Princesses, and this variant of the disease needs more study. It could be that the scientists working on this particular strain of virus are mistaken or the data is faulty. We hope and pray that is true. Simultaneously, we report the news here, and we often try to discuss things before the mainstream. However, it should be noted that what we’re seeing overall with this virus in general is a fast mutation rate which will likely cause the world to need quick adaptations of vaccines. While we would all love to see the world go back to the frivolity and freedom that we had before, there may be some serious turbulence as we aim for that goal.

While we all hope that Disneyland will be able to reopen soon, and various sectors of the economy begin functioning as they once did, we need to be realistic. The possibility does exist that this virus will mutate and keep us in a less normal state than we would prefer. Governments will continue to tussle with how to respond, and various ideologies will result in different actions taken. It’s our desire that this whole pandemic is in the rear view mirror as soon as possible… but we also want to bring you the news as best as we can, and to be as realistic as we can. Disney World remains open and seems to be more or less safe, but California allowing Disneyland to reopen if a new virulent strain abounds is a harder pitch.

There’s a great, big beautiful tomorrow. We’ll get there together.

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