New ‘Star Wars: Jedi Temple Challenge’ Show Coming to


Disney and Lucasfilm have a new show coming called Star Wars: Jedi Temple Challenge. This new show, aimed at kids, was originally going to go to Disney+, but is instead heading to and the Star Wars Kids YouTube Channel, which makes sense because Disney wants to do YouTube, but have had mixed results in the past.

What is the Star Wars: Jedi Temple Challenge?

The show is a game show for kids where they are in teams of two. Contestants will face “three challenging rounds of Jedi trials” as padawans to “become Jedi Knights.”

Master Kelleran Beq., played by Ahmed Best, the voice of Jar Jar Binks, will host the show along with two droids, AD-3 and a protocol droid voiced by Veep actor Mary Holland.

The contestants will face various challenges based on strength, knowledge and bravery and then one final team will make it inside the Jedi temple in an attempt to win.

It kind of reminds me of a Star Wars themed Double Dare.

There are 10 episodes of the show. Episode one and two will release on June 3rd and one new episode will be added each week for an additional 8 weeks.

Here’s the trailer:

It looks interesting and I can see kids wanting to watch this show. I’m just happy they have Ahmed Best as the host!

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Source: Star Wars Kids



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