New Spaceship Earth Construction Wall Art Has Appeared in Walt Disney World


It’s coming guys! We’ve been telling you it’s coming.

First we had the rumor that Spaceship Earth could close down soon after Test Track re-opens in late February, and now a wall with the new Spaceship Earth: Our Shared Story title has appeared!

We saw this first on WDWNT (Make sure you check them out, plus they have a more images and information on this.)

Now nothing has closed yet, but the construction wall that is on the new bi-pass walkway to The Living Seas with Nemo and The Land, near Spaceship Earth, has this image on it.

(Photo Credit: WDWNT)

I know that the attraction has been updated over the years, but with the whole park changing from Future World and The World Showcase to “Neighborhoods” and The World Showcase, plus the push for more characters and IP, I’m worried.

Now the title now has a subtitle to it. I just hope the changes are a big improvement and not a big disappointment. I am trying to have faith. The current ending is awful so if they could improve that I would be thrilled.

Either way, the construction will likely be coming soon. No concrete announcement on when that will be though.

But make sure you check out the new wall when you visit Epcot next time!

What do you think? Comment and let us know!

Source: WDWNT,

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