New Rumor Has Howard the Duck Appearing in ‘She-Hulk’ On Disney+


A potential spoiler has been leaked for the upcoming ‘She-Hulk’ show on Disney+. Spotted in the French publication Picsou Magazine, a teaser might have been revealed.

Twitter user @tuttiquantinoob posted this excerpt with the possible teaser:


  1. Uncle Scrooge is incredibly popular overseas (duck comics in general are big in Europe)
  2. Yes, the content would need to be approved. I know this as my husband used to work on Disney comics and with people who worked on the overseas content.

Here is what the excerpt loosely translates to according to CBR:

A webbed future? Howard the Duck seems to be part of Marvel’s plans again: in the What If…? series, he got married to Darcy Walker (sic)… Does the duck, elected in 2009 as one of the strangest characters in the Marvel team by Time magazine, have a promising bright future? In any case, the She-Hulk series, which arrives this year on Disney+, could reserve some “what the duck” surprises! This should delight lovers of this rambunctious duck, determined to do as he pleases.

The fact that they mentioned She-Hulk specifically and said that it “could” have some “what the duck” surprises” is what the big take away is here. It would make sense as he has appeared with She-Hulk before so it’s Marvel comic cannon anyways.

People have been asking for him to be added to the MCU, in more ways than just the ‘What if…?’ show. He was teased in the first ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ film as well.

Personally, I would like to see something better than the terrible movie from the 1980’s.

Of course it’s all been rumor, but this adds a bit of credence to it, but we won’t know for sure till it’s either confirmed by Marvel or it appears in the ‘She-Hulk’ show, whenever it finally releases on Disney+ sometime this year.

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