New Retro Epcot Wall Has Appeared


There is a fantastic new retro wall at Epcot!

I am not 100% sold on what they are doing to Epcot, but I do love all the retro Epcot touches they are adding. This one really pops! It’s a lot of fun.

If you are looking for a new Instagram worthy wall at Walt Disney World, check out the new Epcot construction wall. I’m sure it will be all over social media soon! I do love the black with all the stripes of color. It feels dynamic and exciting.

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Forever my favourite.

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It’s over where they are doing construction on the old Fountain of Nations, Fountain View, Club Cool, etc. area that they just shut down a couple of weeks ago.

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At least they do cool things with the construction walls now. Using them like this for free publicity on Instagram is actually kind of smart. I will give them credit for that.

I like how it ties into the similar painted lines over at the Odyssey for the Epcot Experience. There it’s white with colored lines and the new wall is black, but it all ties together so nicely. Well played Disney. Well played.

(Photo Credit: BlogMickey)

I really love all the retro touches they are doing over at Epcot, I just hope that carries through to the “New” Epcot moving forward.

What do you think? Do you like these retro touches at Epcot? Comment and let us know!

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