New Racing Game “Disney SpeedStorm” Coming To Nintendo Switch


During the most recent Nintendo Direct online event where people were expecting to hear news about the rumored Mario Kart 9 it was announced that we will be seeing a brand new racing game “Disney SpeedStorm” for the Nintendo Switch.

You will be able to play as a large number of characters from various Disney and Pixar franchises with a number of race tracks depicting classic Disney and Pixar locations.

The current list of known characters seen in the trailer:
– Mickey Mouse
– Donal Duck
– Mulan
– Sully
– Jack Sparrow

Each character has their own special abilities which will give them a temporary boost of speed and/or power on the track. The game will have local split-screen multiplayer as well as online multiplayer with cross-ptayform play. It is currently unknown what other platforms the game will appear on.

The game will be using a free-to-play model with multiple updates that include more characters and tracks and most likely will include micro-transactions for costumes and vehicles.

Though some people have made comparisons to Mario Kart the gameplay is more in tune to the Sonic and Sega All Star Racing game series.

The game is being developed by Gameloft, a French developer known for their output of mobile video games and are a subsidiary of French media conglomerate Vivendi. They have produced the Asphalt series, a series of racing games with a focus on speed and action, which is most likely why they were chosen for this project.

Funny enough Disney isn’t a stranger to racing games as in the past we did have Mickey’s Speedway USA on the Nintendo 64 from Rareware and Walt Disney World Quest: Magical Racing Tour on the PlayStation/Dreamcast by Eidos & Crystal Dynamics, both of which are more like the traditional Mario Kart style racing games.

Though many Nintendo fans tuned in to see an announcement for a new Mario Kart game hopefully this will hold them over until then.

Will you race as Mickey Mouse and Jack Sparrow when this game releases?

Source: IGN

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