New Pressed Penny Machines at Walt Disney World Come with New Costs


I’ve got good news and bad news.

The good news is that there are some new pressed penny machines at Walt Disney World that will take credit cards or cash. The bad news is that they now want $1.00 to make a pressed penny instead of .51. For the added expense of .49 they will give you the penny.

You can use your credit card but you have to buy all of them at a time to do so.

Chip and Company posted a look at the new machines. This one is in Liberty Square.

(Photo Credit: Chip and Company)

The old machine

(Photo Credit: The Main Street Mouse)

Does the cost increase really matter?

Well, it’s double the cost. It doesn’t seem like much, but you could get 40 pressed pennies for $20.40. The same number will now cost you $40.00. See how that adds up super quick for the popular, previously inexpensive souvenirs.

Disney has a lot of debt right now from their massive spending sprees on Fox, expansions, and Disney +. That money has to come from somewhere and of course the parks usually take the brunt of the gouging.

Of course I will get the typical “you are being negative” and “Disney magic is worth it and this is a small increase” comments. I agree Disney Magic is worth money, I spend enough of it there, however all these “small increases” add up to a lot really quick. Parking has gone up, tickets and annual passes have gone up, food prices keep creeping up, merchandise is creeping up, etc. So $5 here, $20 there, $15 more, etc. can add up to hundreds of dollars extra for guests. Pennies, they do add up. Remember “a penny saved is a penny earned so 49 extra pennies charged is 49 more pennies earned by Disney.”

The Copper Lining

Now there is a plus side to this. No more heavy quarters and pennies to carry around (but honestly, I would rather carry the extra bit of weight and save almost 1/2 price on them.) Good thing I have a lot of them already!

For those of you new to pressed pennies at Disney, they are still a very affordable and inexpensive souvenir, you just can only get 1/2 as many for your money now.  I do admit it isn’t a terrible price for Disney, I’m just tired of everything creeping up in price now. Waiting for the maps to be $1 each soon. The complimentary “Birthday” or “Anniversary” pins to be $2.00 each and so on. Depends on how well their upcoming movies and streaming service does *wink.*

Why Pressed Pennies are Cool

But I do recommend buying the pennies. They are still cheap and you can do a lot of cool things with the, like make bracelets, necklaces, wall hangings, and more. Still worth it!

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Source: Chip and Company

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