New Pics From The Set Of Star Wars Series Andor

The DisInsider | Noah Outlaw

Pictures from the set of ‘Andor’ hit today! We’ve got people in cloaks. Some other people in cloaks. A water feature and what looks kinda like a part of a mall I used to hang out at in the ’90s. Do Imperial officers have to buy their outfits at Macy’s? Do they get Imperial MasterCards?

The DisInsider pointed everyone towards Noah Outlaw’s Twitter where he posted three new photos from the set of the Disney+ series. A closeup of some characters in the background appears, too.

From what I can tell Diego Luna’s Cassian Andor isn’t in any of these photos. There are glimpses of some minimalist set decorations and some chromakey screens. Some Imperial officers appear off in the distance. To be honest, it’s not thrilling but when you’re starved for anything that isn’t the sequel trilogy, ya take what you can get.

What location is this supposed to be? Since we learned so little about Andor in ‘Rogue One’ it’s hard to judge where his journey will take us. Rumor has it that the series take place not too long before the events of that particular ‘Star Wars’ story. Is that a large enough time frame to flesh out a character?

With the series currently filming, we’ll probably see ‘Andor’ premiere in 2022. The background of the rebellion will be an interesting thing to see unfold. Hopefully, some familiar faces we haven’t seen recently will show up in one form or another. We will probably get more Tarkin, Vader, Mon Mothma, and a handful of ‘Rebels’ cameos. That’d probably be a great way to introduce normie ‘Star Wars’ fans to the other shows.

How do you feel about the upcoming Andor series? Did you find his character intriguing in ‘Rogue One’? Let us know in the comments.

[Source: DisInsider]

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