New Merchandise and a Special Deal at Toothsome Chocolate Factory and Savory Feast Kitchen

toothsome chocolate factory

I recently went for a standard food blogger perusal of Toothsome Chocolate Factory and Savory Feast Kitchen at Universal Orlando CityWalk and viewed some new merchandise. One always needs to find out what sweet new treats might pop up there. Penelope, with Jacques, pointed out some new merchandise on this day.

Toothsome Choclate factory

Our conversation started with me asking how the opening of the new Toothsome location was going in Hollywood. She said it was going splendidly. I also asked about the Shanghai location. She said the Asian market functions differently, so promotions and merchandise vary more.

She pointed out four new items that range from hoodies, shirts, and an insulated bag. These new items can also be found at the new Hollywood Toothsome Chocolate Emporium and Savory Feast Kitchen.

Toothsome Chocolate Factory

Toothsome Logo Long Sleeve Shirt – $44.00

As Penelope stated, this long sleeve shirt feels very soft. The standard Toothsome design appears on the front with a small pocket style logo. The back showcases a larger version of this design.

Toothsome Mustache Hoodie – $44.00

toothsome chocolate factory

Nearby, Penelope pointed out a light hoodie. This also arrived recently at this Toothsome location. The Toothsome logo appears to be wearing a top hat and styling a mustache. The colors of the hoodie are blue and oatmeal primarily.

Toothsome Logo Short Sleeve Shirt – $27.00

Toothsome Chocolate Factory

This new short sleeve shirt joins this group of new merchandise here. So, like the other apparel, the Toothsome logo features prominently on the front. The steampunk-type gear design that Toothsome often features in their designs can be seen. This shirt does not have any designs on the back.

Toothsome Insulated Backpack – $35.00

Toothsome Chocolate Factory

If you need to carry your chocolate home to avoid it melting, this cooler tote might be for you. Since this brown backpack-designed cooler tote comes lined with insulation, it will keep your beverages and food safe for longer. I think Penelope and Jacques approve of using it for things other than chocolate.

toothsome chocolate factory

Guests can buy this insulated backpack as a part of a promotion also. So, if you purchase $35 worth of product at one time at the store portion of Toothsome Chocolate factory and Savory Feast Kitchen, you can buy this tote for $12.  Though the math looks a bit off for the promotion, I confirmed with the team members that the sweet treats in the case could be counted as part or all of a $35 or more purchase. With several new treats coming to Toothsome Chocolate Factory and Savory Feast Kitchen in the next week or so, spending $35 might be easy.

Will you be visiting soon to take advantage of the insulated backpack offer? Let us know in the comments below.

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