New Marvel Superhero Jerseys at Universal Orlando


Personally, I am a huge Marvel comic book fan. Now that is different than being a fan of the Marvel cinematic universe though that is great too. Much to Disney theme park fan’s confusion, Marvel’s main presence in Orlando area is not at Walt Disney World but at Universal Orlando. One might wonder how Universal can sell Marvel Spirit Jerseys.

This goes back to the original Marvel theme park rights contract which is very different than the movie contract. In the Universal Orlando Marvel theme park contract is a “rumored” clause that says Universal Studios stores must sell Marvel merchandise (not Disney branded Marvel merchandise which is different). The contract allegedly says that Marvel merchandise must be sold even in Universal Studios stores in airports.

marvel alterniverse store

This entire composition can be confusing for Walt Disney World theme park visitors that want to buy their favorite Marvel character products. Though some are sold at Walt Disney World, the far better selection is at Universal Orlando. Personally, I own more Marvel clothes bought at Universal Orlando than I would like to admit. I do enjoy my 15% annual pass discount at Universal Orlando that helps.

As I was getting comfortable in my airport hotel room in prep for a flight to Orlando recently, I got a text from a theme park media colleague saying that I needed to see these new Marvel jerseys at Universal Orlando. He was right and I went to see them when I arrived at Universal Orlando. I think I will be tempted to get one (or all four) during this trip.

The four new jerseys are inspired by different Marvel superheroes. They have a logo of the hero on the front and then words associated with them on the back. The four jerseys are for Captain America, Ironman, Hulk, and Spiderman.

On September 15th, 2021, I found them all in the Universal Studios store in CityWalk and the Marvel Alterniverse store in Marvel Super Hero Island in Islands of Adventure.

Apparently, the shipment of Captain America ones was larger since you can also find that particular jersey in a few other stores also. The most unique looking one, in my opinion, is the Ironman one with a symbol of the arc reactor on front but Hulk one is not bad with comic book looking fist on front.

I have no inside information about if these will expand to other heroes or if they will last. This is merchandise at Universal Orlando so not guarantees are possible. All we know for sure is unless something dramatic happens with Marvel theme park contract, they will continue to sell Marvel merchandise.

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