New Marvel Legends Figures Include Rescue and Happy Hogan!


It’s hard to believe that the MCU that we spent years watching has come to an end. Sure, there are more phases to come, but everything that culminated by Endgame made comic book movies the billion-dollar genre they are today. For better or worse, Marvel and Disney changed everything when it came to how comics were adapted to film.

It left us with so many memorable performances, some of which resurrected careers. We saw silly concepts become beloved gangs of rogues. Where will it go from here? I don’t care. Just give me toys already!

While looking at all the new stuff over at I spotted three new releases! Hasbro continues to celebrate the golden age of the Marvel Cinematic Universe by issuing more figures in the Legends line of 6″ figures. This time around, we’ve got a couple of two-packs and a return of the Mark III armor.

Each release comes with the typical things we’ve come to expect from the Legends line. Multiple accessories, attachments, and so on. The Pepper Pots pack comes with the Iron Gauntlet. The Happy Hogan set is the lightest on extras, coming with only a couple of repulser effects and a cell phone. The Mark III comes with an open-helmet head and a couple of weapons attachments.

Hasbro | Marvel | Disney

Hasbro | Marvel | Disney

Hasbro | Marvel | Disney

The Pepper Pots (Rescue) and Captain Marvel two-pack can be pre-ordered for $52.99 through Amazon. The Iron Man Mark III suited Tony Stark is also available via Amazon for $26.49. Keep in mind these prices may fluctuate by day, if not by the hour.

The Iron Man XXI and Happy Hogan set is exclusive to another retailer entirely. If you want this one (the best of the three), you have to pre-order through Target. This one is set at $49.99. Target’s prices usually don’t spike, unlike Amazon, but tend to run out faster.

Happy Hogan and XXI are scheduled to release on August 1st, 2021. Rescue, Captain Marvel, and Tony have a date of September 1st, 2021 currently listed. If we see any major changes in these dates, we’ll post an update.

Next, can we please get a Happy VS Black Widow box set? ‘Iron Man 2’ was the best of the bunch. I am prepared to throw down on that opinion physically.

What other bundled characters would you like to see released in the Marvel Legends line? Let us know in the comments.


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