New Little Mermaid Mouse Ear Headband Arrives at Disneyland–So CUTE!

(Photo Credit: WDWNT)

I love these!

According to WDWNT these amazing new Little Mermaid Mouse Ear Headbands have been found at Disney California Adventure at The Mad Hatter, Seaside Souvenirs, Five & Dime and World of Disney in the Downtown Disney District!

They are so cute!


Purple fabric with embroidered gold threads form the shells and the bow is covered in iridescent green and purple sequins.

On one side of the headband there’s an embroidered Ariel and on the other side it says “Mermaid Hair Don’t Care.”


The cost is $27.99. I think I have to get these! I just LOVE them plus I have the red-hair to go with it!

What do you think? Comment and let us know!

Source: WDWNT, @Disneylifestylers on Instagram, @disneyland_ap_engineer on Instagram,

Featured Image all credit to WDWNT!

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