New Lightyear Trailer Shows Off More Action And Story


The when the first few trailers for the upcoming solo Lightyear film from Pixar starring Chris Evans, not many people knew what to think of it. The teaser showed Buzz just getting in a rocket ship and blasting off into space like the Apollo missions. The second showed Buzz on a space station with not much context was given into what was going on.

Now with the most recent trailer we can most certainly get a better understanding of what we will be experiencing when it releases this June:

We also get a new poster:

The trailer shows that Buzz is part of some sort of new space ship project and has been stationed on this currently unnamed planet for a year. Now they are testing a new ship that can move so fast it breaks the light spectrum.

We also see that they travel to another planet that gives off the feeling of Dagobah from Empire Strikes Back as well as what appears to be a moon or giant asteroid. We get more action as Buzz and his fellow, well they haven’t referred to them as “Space Rangers” just yet, battering a giant robot that resembles the classic villain Emperor Zurg.

Buzz is also joined by a robotic cat named Socks as a companion who acts as a sort of R2-D2 type character. We also get a glimpse of what appear to be either Zurg’s foot soldiers or some sort of space police. 

We still don’t know the names of certain characters and we aren’t sure what Zurg’s evil plan is. Also it is unfortunate that apparently no characters from the Buzz Lightyear of Star Command TV series appear.

The film is set to release in June of this year in theaters so we still have plenty of time to see more of the story unfold. Let’s hope that the film doesn’t get relegated to Disney Plus like other past Pixar films like Soul, Luca and Turning Red.

Are you looking forward to the latest adventure of Buzz Lightyear?

Source: Ars Technica

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