New ‘Lightyear’ Trailer Looks More Like ‘The Right Stuff’ Than ‘Star Command’

The first trailer for Disney-Pixar’s Lightyear has dropped, and it’s a more realistic take on Buzz Lightyear’s adventures than seen in the Buzz Lightyear of Star Command animated series.

The Lightyear movie is supposedly the origin movie that lead to the line of Buzz Lightyear action figures in Toy Story. Tim Allen has been dropped in favor of Chris Evans, which is odd given how closely tied Allen is to the character. It could because Post-MCU Evans is more bankable, or it could be because Allen’s politics would be deemed ‘problematic’ to current year Disney.

(If the latter factored into Allen’s removal, an actor’s politics shouldn’t have any bearing on casting decisions. But this is the same company who fired Gina Carano over her conservative political leanings, so…)

Hopefully Disney will at least give Tim Allen a cameo?

The movie does seem like it’ll go in a much different direction than the 1990s Buzz Lightyear of Star Command TV series, which was also the inspiration for the Space Ranger Spin attraction.

Now, it could be that “in-universe” this movie inspired both the cartoon series and the toy line that Andy loved so much.

Or I’m just way overthinking this, and it’s simply Pixar’s take on The Right Stuff with no real connection to any previous origins of the character.

While the Little Green Men weren’t anywhere to be found in the trailer, it does seem like Emperor Zurg might put in an appearance.

Zurg? Is that you?

Will Toy Story fans take to this updated version of a classic Disney icon? It’s too soon to tell. But props for using David Bowie’s “Starman” to help sell this, though.

Lightyear was first announced at the 2020 Disney Investor Day, and is scheduled to fly into theaters on June 17, 2022.

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