New Information on Why Victoria Alonso was Fired From Marvel


Victoria Alonso, who was the President of Physical, Post-Production, VFX, and Animation for Marvel Studios, left the company on March 17. Now an article from The Hollywood Reporter seems to confirm that she was indeed fired from Marvel Studios. The reason they are giving is her breaching contract to work on the Oscar-nominated “Argentina 1985” film.

THR reports that Alonso was one of eight producers of the film that was distributed by Amazon. By working on the project she allegedly breached a 2018 agreement that specified employees could not work for a competing studio. Sources say she did not have permission to work on the film and was asked to not continue work or promote the film after Disney executives found out about it.

The problems compounded when the film debuted at the Venice International Film Festival in 2022. When it seemed the movie would be on the “awards track” Alonso was invited to do interviews and appearances. She was apparently warned again and even went to the Oscars with the “Argentina 1985” director instead of appearing as a Marvel representative.

“According to sources, she was reminded of her agreement and her breach several times but the appearances continued. She even appeared on the Oscars arrivals carpet not as a Marvel executive associated with Marvel’s multi-nominated Black Panther: Wakanda Forever but rather as a producer, walking with her film’s director, Santiago Mitre.

Marvel executives were reportedly even more upset that while their film slate was extremely busy Alonso continued to work on her other project.

While this is grounds for termination, the fact remains that Marvel’s VFX has been lacking on recent projects and many projects have been shifted due to delays in post-production. Both of those were her responsibility.

VFX professionals have come out and indicated that Alonso make the work environment “toxic” and even kept a blacklist for those who didn’t do what she wanted or angered her in some way. The special effects people have also complained that they are overworked and underpaid, with changes happening too late into production to meet deadlines.

She wasn’t maligned for her identity as some outlets are claiming. She was terminated for cause.

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Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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