New Ice Age Series “Scrat Tails” Coming To Disney Plus This April


Disney has confirmed that a new series based on the Ice Age franchise will be premiering on Disney Plus. Ice Age: Scrat Tails, will follow the iconic saber-toothed squirrel and his baby son on six different adventures.

The episode names and their descriptions were shared online:

Episode 1: Nuts About You
Scrat meets his son Baby Scrat and experiences the pure joy of being a new parent—until Baby Scrat sees The Acorn for the first time.

Episode 2: LoFi Scrat Beats to Sleep/Chill to
Scrat pounds out a percussive lullaby to get a crying Baby Scrat to fall asleep.

Episode 3: X’s and Uh-O’s
Scrat demonstrates for Baby Scrat how to plant The Acorn, but Scrat is really the one being taught a lesson.

Episode 4: Nutty Reflections
Scrat and Baby Scrat run after The Acorn into a dark cave, which resembles a creepy funhouse hall of mirrors.

Episode 5: Teeter Toddler
Thanks to a dodo bird, Scrat and Baby Scrat end up on opposite sides of a log held up by a single branch.

Episode 6: Nut The End
The Acorn goes flying off a cliff. With it seemingly gone forever, can Scrat and Baby Scrat live in harmony?

This series will most likely be the last time we see Scrat in this capacity as the rights to the character were not included in the sale to Disney in 2019.

How come? In 1999 female artist Ivy Silberstien pitched a project to BlueSky with a character called “SQRAT”, a combination of Rat and Squirrel. When the character of “Scrat” appeared in Ice Age she filed a lawsuit over ownership. After the lawsuit he and BlueSky were awarded dual ownership. When Disney acquired BlueSky Silberstien wanted to renegotiate the terms. Surprisingly Disney allowed Ivy to have full ownership of the character going forward. Since this project was in development before the arrangement this is the last time Ice Age will have anything to do with the character of Scrat.

The series is set to release on April 13th exclusively on Disney Plus.

Source: Collider

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