New Fine Print for Genie+ at Walt Disney World


As if the process of learning how to use Genie+ did not come with enough frustrations, a new one emerged.  If you are unfamiliar with Genie+, this is the paid system to enter “shorter” lighting lanes. If you are a Disney veteran, you know those shorter queues by their former name, “FastPass lane.” With the current Genie+ system guests pay $15 plus tax for ability to schedule lightning lane slots on one attraction at a time. Yes, as Disney marketed this, you’ve never had a friend like this. If you are interested in some basic strategies for how to use Genie+ currently at Walt Disney World, click this link.

So far from a public relations standpoint, Genie+ has left many guests frustrated and confused. Many errors made by guests add to this frustration. The system lacks being intuitive enough for people to feel their money invested in Genie+ was valuable.

Since there exist many details that Disney will not tell you about the Genie system. The lack of information often leaves guests dissatisfied. Maybe due to that, Disney had added some more “fine print” to the terms of Genie+ at Walt Disney World.

Before describing the fine print, I want to thank @ScottGustin for posting this on twitter. He does a great job posting Disney parks news. After seeing his tweet, I went to Disney website myself to see new terms/description. The key phrases added look like this: “On average, guests can enter 2 or 3 attraction or experiences per day using lightning lane entrance if the first selection is made early in the day.”

Initial reaction I have seen to this added “fine print” jokes about managing guests’ expectations. To me, this looks like another way to “lawyer up” the system so no one can complain later. If the average is 2 or 3, someone only getting one could be defined as reasonable for this average. Also, the part about early in the day leaves “wiggle” room if a guest complains. The term “Early” with this system might get defined as before park opening. Now, I would strongly suggest if buying Genie+, that you make your first Genie+ selection as close to 7am as possible. However, Walt Disney World seems to be saying do not expect much from your friend Genie+. At least now, they are admitting the lack of quality of Genie+. I guess buyer beware. Good luck on your next Walt Disney World vacation.

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