New Disney World Cupcakes Let You Earn Wilderness Explorer Badges


Snacks are an essential part of a day spent at a Disney park. The thought and imagination that goes into creating Disney treats is incomparable. Especially when it comes to these new Disney World cupcakes!

We all love the adventure that Mr. Fredricksen and Russell take us on in the movie, Up! Now you can earn a Wilderness Explorer Badge by eating a cupcake (or two).

If you find yourself walking around Animal Kingdom, be sure to keep an eye out for these amazing Disney World cupcakes!

First, there’s the Flamingo Badge Cupcake available at Flame Tree BBQ.

This sweet treat features bright blue coconut flavored frosting, strawberry pearls, and a white chocolate flamingo badge.

The cake itself is also coconut flavored. A citrus flavored filling gives you a break from all of that coconut.

The perfect cupcake for tropical feels.

Next is the Dragonfly Badge Cupcake available at Creature Comforts.

Dragonfly Badge Disney World Cupcake
Image: TheDisneyFoodBlog

This buzzworthy Disney World cupcake consists of a lemon cake with a creamy lemon filling. It’s topped with vanilla frosting and a white chocolate dragonfly badge. 

Despite being a lemon flavored cupcake, the cake and frosting are a beautiful vibrant pink. 

Over at Restaurantosaurus you’ll find the Dinosaur Badge Cupcake.

Dinosaur badge Disney World cupcake
Image: TheDisneyFoodBlog

This is undoubtedly the cutest of the 4 new cupcakes.

This one is made of chocolate cake and a chocolate cheesecake filling. It’s topped with chocolate frosting and a white chocolate dinosaur badge and white chocolate rocks.

It’s a chocolate-lover’s perfect Disney World cupcake! (I’m drooling just thinking about it!)

Saving the best for last, we have the Grape Soda Badge Cupcake.

The grape soda badge is the badge Carl pins onto Russell’s sash at the end of the movie. This is the best if only for the sentiment.

This cupcake has a vanilla confetti cake filled with grape soda flavored custard. The cake is topped with a vibrant purple grape soda frosting and (you guessed it) a white chocolate grape soda badge.

There’s an extra surprise buried in the frosting. A white chocolate ball filled with pop rocks!

Whether you’re looking for a midday sugar rush or aiming to end your day at Animal Kingdom on a sweet note, these Disney World cupcakes are just what you’re looking for!

Source and credit: The Disney Food Blog

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