New Disney Animation Music Added to Three World Showcase Pavilions: China, Mexico and France

(Photo Credit: Disney)

Today some of the World Showcase pavilions received some new background music as Disney continues to re-imagine Epcot. Of course, as one would expect with the people running the parks, several countries are now featuring animated film tie in music.

Blog Mickey (which is another great blog to follow if you don’t already) has put up some videos showcasing these musical changes. Check them out! Please give them a like!

China has added Music from Mulan.

France has added music from Beauty and the Beast:

WDWNT has a video showcasing the Coco Music now playing at the Mexico Pavilion.

(Again give them a like!)

It’s just music, so it isn’t such a big deal, and it seems to be incorporated in a way that fits the themeing, but I’m worried it’s the beginning of the end for traditional Epcot.

Epcot was meant to be about science, communication and the future. The World Showcase was meant to be about other cultures. Where people could learn about and celebrate other countries outside of this one. Now Disney is slowing filtering in more and more IP.

This all ties into the end of Epcot Forever where they talk about the “future” at the end and start playing “A Whole New World.” Many did not like that a celebration about Epcot ended with something seemingly unrelated, except it isn’t unrelated.

I get change happens. I’m not against change, but the more I see of the planned changes the more I worry that Epcot is going to lose what made it special.

I know a lot of people get irritated when people like me point this stuff out. I will undoubtedly be called “negative” (usually from extreme pixie dusters or travel agents) but I’ve been around enough to know that change does not automatically equal an improvement.

But we shall see. It’s still early and maybe Disney will change my mind. I kind of hope they do because right now I’m kind of sad.

What do you think? Comment and let us know!

Sources: Blog Mickey, WDWNT



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