New Burrata Salad at Bar Riva at Riviera Resort


If the dining options were not high quality enough at the Riviera Resort at Walt Disney World, Bar Riva adds some soon to be released menu items. Disney’s Riviera Resort qualifies easily as a deluxe resort offering villa style accommodations. This resort hotel already houses Topolino’s Terrace that arguably offers the best food on property. In addition, Primo Piatto offers some solid counter service options there. However, a great lounge exists at Riviera known as Bar Riva.

I visited it recently after doing some “work” at Disney Springs. A few days before, I received a “heads up” from a friend about the soon to be released menu items here. Since then, Disney Parks Blog announced these items officially as a part of the menu at Bar Riva.

Of the new menu items I tried, the Burrata Salad displayed a simple but incredibly delicious combination of ingredients. My server Maisley did an incredible job of describing these new menu items to me. Since they are not on the official menu yet, I kept asking here about the ingredients. She continued to be very accommodating. Of course, she also made sure my diet soda addiction was supported.

Photo courtesy of Main Street Magic Podcast

The Burrata Salad costs $15.99. This “salad” comes with 4 ounces of burrata cheese featured in the middle. The main vegetable components served with this would be frisee lettuce, arugula, and heirloom tomatoes. The vegetables come showered with an incredible tasting vinaigrette dressing. This dressing surely would not count as low calorie but makes this dish sing with flavor. The salad caps off with four pieces of focaccia bread.

Where do I start? I loved this salad. I joked that after finishing it, that I wanted more vegetables served this way. In combination with some of the other ingredients these brought a well-rounded flavor, especially with the tomatoes. The bread arrives incredibly soft. This bread will work effortlessly to acquire every bit of dressing and cheese from your dish. The overall balance of acidity of the salad elements work in delightful harmony.


To be fair, I need to find some weaknesses of this soon to be released menu item. I would have preferred a bit more flavor comprised within the bread itself. However, I know that might throw off the salad stability. The burrata cheese could be off-putting for some guests based on the texture. Yet, the menu description warns you to expect burrata cheese. If being very picky, I think my salad could have used another tomato slice or two. However, if looking for a full entrée type salad, this one does not possess enough for that. Yet, the overall quality makes a solid choice.

As you can tell, I found very little wrong with this salad. Especially on Walt Disney World property, the price point for this type of salad makes sense. If staying at the Riviera or anywhere on the Skyliner route, this easy to reach lounge offers quality food without need of an advance dining reservation. As of time of writing, I lack exact date when this becomes an official menu item. However, if you ask for it, I am confident that your server can accommodate you. As always, eat like you mean it!

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