NASA Sent Baby Yoda To Space On The SpaceX Dragon


Baby Yoda has finally gone to space for real and not just through special effects. The breakout star on the Disney+ “Star Wars: The Mandalorian” show was the fifth passenger on board the SpaceX Dragon headed for the International Space Station.

This mission is special as NASA has partnered with SpaceX on board their certified Dragon spacecraft.

The Child even has a job, he’s the “zero-gravity indicator” on the ship. Tech Crunch describes as “zero-gravity indicator” as something that is “typically a soft, small object that is allowed to float free in the spacecraft cabin to provide a simple, but effective confirmation of when it passes into the phase of a spaceflight where Earth’s gravity no longer holds significant sway.

The Crew-1 team has four other team members including NASA astronaut Michael Hopkins, NASA astronaut Shannon Walker, NASA astronaut Victor Glover and JAXA astronaut Soichi Noguchi.

Their mission is to head to the International Space Station to keep it manned for the next six months. I wonder what Baby Yoda’s job will be, besides selling more toys for the holidays?

For some reason I just keep thinking about the ‘Space Camp’ movie.

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Source: Tech Crunch, my husband


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