My Favorite Budget Friendly Quick Service Meal at Universal Orlando


At this point in Orlando theme park season, marketing turns to promoting Halloween and winter holiday events. Universal Orlando creates arguably the most intricate spooky season event in the world. Over the years, this small event escalated to be the grand event dominating select September and October nights at Universal Studios Florida theme park. A signature food item emerged at Halloween Horror Nights known as “Pizza Fries.” These fries have grown to be legendary. They are only available during seasonal events like Halloween Horror Nights.

At the risk of being a “hot take” artist, Universal Orlando offers a better pizza flavored food item. Also, this one can be found year-round. I find “Pizza Tots” far better in term of quality and taste than the fries version. I know that some disagree. However, even if you prefer the pizza fries, the queue for Green Eggs and Ham in Islands of Adventure never reaches the inefficient levels of a food queue during Halloween Horror Nights.

Photo courtesy of Kimmie Caputzal

The legend of Green Eggs and Ham food kiosk extends over many years. This formerly under-utilized food kiosk went from rarely open with a horrible menu to the quality budget friendly food offered most every day. Pizza tots continue to be a popular item here. They currently cost $10.49. The menu description reads “pepperoni, sausage, mozzarella cheese, tomato sauce over tater tots.”

Reminder of the horrible previous menu here
Photo by Maggie Self

The preparation method for these covered tots creates crispy tater tots. The ingredients covering the tots reflect decent quality for a theme park light lunch or snack. I sometimes find myself surprised with the quality flavor of the sauce, cheese, and meat within this quick service entrée. Also, the sauce matches better with the tater tots than with fries. The portion size rates as above average for this price point at a theme park. The made to order nature of preparation almost always provides guests with hot freshly baked covered tater tots.

On the negative side, the edges of the container can betray burnt cheese in the preparation process. Some guests desire more sauce to go with the tater tots in comparison to standard preparation. I have never asked for more sauce so do not know if that is an option. Now, I also have heard some guests feel the sauce provides not enough Italian style seasoning.

I have avoided writing a review about the pizza tots since they are my favorite snack/light lunch at Universal Orlando. My bias about these should ring clearly if you have read anything else I may have written about quick service options at Universal Orlando. However, many people who write about food at Universal Orlando agree pizza tots are better than pizza fries. These pizza tots function as a comfort style food. The merging of several simple yet well-prepared ingredients offer guests a flavorful combination.

One more thing, pizza tots have a vegan version at Green Eggs and Ham. We will have to wait until Halloween Horror Nights to see if a vegan version of pizza fries appears. Whether you choose to share pizza tots or eat them all by yourself, these make a good value for your dining experience.

As always, eat like you mean it!

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