Murphy Bed Falls on Guest During Opening Night at Disney’s New Riviera Resort

(Photo Credit: Micechat)

Well this would not be a fun way to wake up!

According to WDWNT, one of the fold away Murphy Beds fell off the wall with a guest in it.

WDWNT also shared this post:

The beds are apparently heavy as it took two people to get it off of the woman. Thankfully she is okay! (That’s what matters here.) But by the image it does not appear it was anchored well. There are only four tiny screw holes.  Other people also pointed that out in the comments of the post.

I would expect something weight bearing like a Murphy bed would be bolted or bracketed. But I admit I’m not an expert in installing this type of bed so maybe this is normal, but it does appear that the screws on the left of the photo missed the stud and pulled right out.

It’s a new resort, so I’m certain things are going to break or have issues as people actually use the spaces. A lot of times that’s when you find out what truly works and what doesn’t, but this is kind of a big one. The bed fell off the wall with her in it. Hopefully Disney double checks all the other beds to make sure they are secured properly.  Most likely they will.

Wow! That would be quite the way to wake up!

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Source: WDWNT

Featured Image: Mice Chat

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