Mummy Platter at Monster’s Café Review


Guests experiencing the Universal’s Horror Make-Up Show in Universal Studios Florida learn that Universal pictures has a long history in terms of horror. In recent years, Universal Orlando revived the “Classic Monsters” in various ways such as houses at Halloween Horror Nights. Way back in 1998, Universal Studios Florida converted an average dining location into Universal Studios’ Classic Monster’s Café. The theming and guest loyalty to this place rivals many other themed quick service dining.

Over last few years, many menu adjustments and decorating decisions have happened for this food service location. In recent years, this location has been often closed or functioned with reduced hours only. As of time of writing, the operating hours for this location are 11am-4pm daily.

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Also in recent years, the style of menu has converted to barbeque theme. The quality of food has improved over standard theme park fare with this menu change. Though, I am not convinced most guests (and many theme park media) know this.

A solid vegan option offered here with this BBQ style menu is the “Mummy” platter. This platter provides slow cooked jackfruit, crispy onions, cole slaw served on a Kaiser roll. Guests also get one side. The side options offered are fries, mac & cheese, roasted cauliflower, or a salad. These sides each possess monster themed names.

Photo by Kimmie Caputzal

Now, the jackfruit serves as a solid vegan option creating similar texture of other BBQ style proteins. The jackfruit flavor works well in a BBQ sandwich enhanced by the BBQ seasoning. The rest of the sandwich components are good but not great. This sandwich works as a worthy vegan selection.

As with almost all dishes, there exist some drawbacks. Some guests disliked the consistency of the sandwich overall. This could be due to lack of commonly eating jackfruit. Also, some reports describe the jackfruit as undercooked added to texture concern. Based on nature of using jackfruit in BBQ dishes, some guests dislike the warm but not piping hot nature of the jackfruit. Once again, most of these complaints come from people like me that do not dine exclusively vegan.

Another common guest point about the “Mummy” sandwich revolves around the sauce. For theme park quick service, the flavor of the BBQ sauce ranks high. Yet, many reports involve complaints about too much sauce on this sandwich. This leads to soggy components, especially the slaw and onions. Though I have not personally heard this complain, I can easily assume the potential mess of too much BBQ sauce would be disappointing.

Still, this sandwich warrants consideration for vegans. Now, there may be better vegan options at Universal Studios Florida but not many that provide this level of hearty meal with themed dining.


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