Ms. Marvel Viewership Is About Half Of Other Marvel Disney+ Shows


Ms. Marvel started last week and with two-episodes and five days in, it was at about half of the lowest Marvel Disney+ debut. Coming it at 775,000 US households, according to Samba TV.

The analytics did find that the show was more popular with 20-24 year-olds as well as Black, Hispanic and Asian households. This makes some sense as the show seems to skew towards a younger audience.

Here are the other Marvel Disney+ shows numbers for the first 5 Days:


From this we see that ‘Loki’ was at the top with 2.5 million. ‘Moon Knight’ and ‘The Falcon and the Winter Solider’ tied for second at 1.8 million each. ‘WandaVision’ was in third at 1.6 million and rounding out the bottom was ‘Hawkeye’ at 1.5 million.

So ‘Ms. Marvel’ is about half of what the lowest one was.

There could be a few reasons for this:

Many people don’t know who Ms. Marvel is. So they might not tune in to see a relatively unknown character. They did for ‘Moon Knight’ because it was a very popular character from the comics that had been around for decades and not just a few years.

Marvel brand fatigue could be setting in and it’s likely not going to end anytime soon.  Here is the upcoming slate.

People might just be getting overwhelmed.

Disney didn’t seem to promote this one as heavily as they did ‘Moon Knight’ or other shows. Leading up to ‘Moon Knight’ they had all kinds of special teasers, first looks, and more. ‘Ms. Marvel’ did not seem to get the same level of promotion.

Many people have also been complaining about the episodic nature of these shows and might be holding off until all the episodes are out before watching the show on Disney+.

It’s also worth noting that they show skews more young adult and that is reflected in the demographics. Overall the younger audience is watching, but they make up a small amount of the overall Marvel or Disney+ Marvel show audience.

Another issue for some is that her powers have been changed from the comics and a lot of comics fans were not happy about that.

Those are the reason I can think of. The media will likely run with a “racism” narrative because that’s usually their go to for this kind of thing. While I’m sure there are some people that might not care for her for those reasons most people won’t think anything of it. It is the least likely reason for it’s underperformance.

Maybe it will pick up as it goes along. The actress Iman Vellani, who plays Kamala Khan (Ms. Marvel) seems to be a sweetheart. So I do hope it goes better for her later on.

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