Ms. Marvel Faces ‘Extensive Reshoots’ of Disney+ Show


The latest rumor is that Ms. Marvel is set to receive extensive reshoots for the upcoming six-episode Disney+ show, as show set to release this year.

The rumor comes from Atlanta Filming and Ms. Marvel news on Twitter. Apparently the rumor is that reshoots are going to start in two weeks.



Reshoots are normal for productions, but the rumor around this one indicates it’s much more than normal reshoots and the words “extensive” and “substantial” have been thrown around.


Why there are reshoots is unknown but many speculate they are over the character’s powers. Kamala Khan, played by Iman Vellani. In the comics she could stretch and was known for enlarged hands she used as weapons. For the Disney+ show they were going with “crystal” type hands that people have been comparing to Green Lantern projection powers.

The original filming took place from November 2020 until May, 2021 and now there are “extensive reshoots” this long later makes me wonder if they ran it by “test groups” and it didn’t go over very well.

Ms. Marvel Has Had a Rocky Road in Other Media

Despite critical acclaim and initial reports of good trade paperback sales in book channels, Ms. Marvel’s history in the comics has been pretty uneven. In fact, her monthly comic book series has been cancelled and rebooted on multiple occasions. This is usually done when a publisher wants to keep a certain character or team at the forefront, but sales are declining.

Marvel Comics couldn’t let Ms. Marvel flop with a Disney+ series on the way, so the most recent relaunch was likely an attempt to keep her fresh in fans’ minds, despite the obvious changes to her powers.

Ms. Marvel didn’t fare much better in video games. She was the main character in Square-Enix’s Avengers video game, and the game wound up being a colossal financial disaster for the company.

It would seem that Disney is bound and determined to make this character “stick” with the general public, and the reshoots are likely an attempt by Disney to give Kamala Khan the best chance possible… even if it means changing her significantly from the comic books.


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