Movie Review: Thor Love & Thunder. A Film At War With Itself


The latest outing in the long running Marvel Cinematic Universe follows Thor on his fourth solo outing as he battles to save the future of Asguard. But this time he’s not alone as we see the return of Jane Foster, having not been seen in the MCU since Thor: The Dark World.

Can the two team up to battle a threat that seeks to destroy all gods as well as rekindle their old romantic relationship? Let’s take a look.


So if you are aware the details of the recent online plot leak were very accurate. The story begins with Gorr who had just lost his daughter. Learning that the god he prayed to cared not for him or his daughter he takes the forbidden “Necrosword” and kills his former god and vows revenge against all gods.

We catch up with Thor (who has been revealing with the Guardians of the Galaxy) as he receives an emergency call from his old comrade Sif. He learns that Gorr has the Necrosword and is planning to attack New Asguard. Upon returning home during a battle he sees Jane Foster now wielding Mjolnir. It is revealed that Jane has cancer and that her using the hammer makes her briefly healthy, but every time she uses it her cancer gets worse.

After the village’s children are stolen Thor, Jane, Valkyrie (Who is called “King Valkyrie”, which makes zero sense) and Korg all venture to Omnipotent City, home of the Gods. There they seek aid from Zeus who refuses to help as he feels that Gorr cannot harm them in the city. Thor then “kills” Zeus and steals his lighting bolt as a weapon to battle gore.

Thor and friends travel to the Shadow Realm and confront Gorr who steals Stormbreaker to gain access to Eternity and have his wish to kill all gods be granted. Thor and friends are sent back to Earth, Jane is lying in the hospital, Korg is only a face and Valkyrie was injured. Thor says he wants Jane to not use the hammer anymore in case they can find a way to cure her cancer.

Thor then finds Gorr and frees the children while temporarily giving them his power to fight Gorr’s shadow monsters. Feeling that he needs help Jane uses the hammer and travels to help Thor, dooming herself.

Gorr then finds Eternity and as Jane lays there dying Thor tells Gorr that he doesn’t want revenge, he wants love. Gorr cries and wishes his daughter back to life, and then he dies. Jane dies from her cancer in Thor’s arms.

Now on Earth Thor adopts Gorr’s daughter and now they defend the weak as “Love and Thunder”.

First Post-Credit sequence shows that Zeus survived and he send Hercules to find Thor and seek revenge. Second Post-Credit sequence shows Jane being welcomed into Valhalla.


Right out the gate you will feel this film’s biggest problem, that being the inconsistent overall feeling of the film. Some scenes are heavy and dramatic while others are goofy and feel out of place. If you thought Thor: Ragnarok had too many jokes in it this film kicks it up to 11. Many of the jokes either don’t land or sometimes feel inappropriate to the scene. One minute they’re dealing with a character dying then you cut to someone either being sarcastic or cracking a joke. It doesn’t fit.

Thor is pretty good as well as Jane, but a lot of the other characters feel off. The Guardians aren’t in for very long, Sif felt like a blink and you miss it part, Korg was just annoying and Valkyrie was just awful, a complete character assassination of a great character from the comics. Gorr did feel threatening at times, but we didn’t see as much of that side of him as we probably needed.

The action did feel very good with a lot of great choreography, but you could tell A LOT of that was just CGI. What happened to having people fight for real instead of CGI puppets? 

Overall Rating: 5/10

The film felt like it was having an identity crisis, it doesn’t know if it wants to be a serious action film or an action-comedy. Probably a low point for the Thor series, the comparisons to the Batman film series from 1989 – 1997 aren’t that far off with the 4th film being the worst. I didn’t really dislike it but there are many other MCU films I would rather watch. I don’t need to see this film a second time, once was enough.

What do you think? Did you like the film? Let us know.

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