More Rumors Swirl About The Walt Disney Co. Building Around Lake Nona


Previously we reported on the rumor that the Walt Disney Co. was considering moving some of their operations from Burbank, California to Florida. The rumored location is centered around Lake Nona and land about 18 miles away from the Walt Disney World Resort.

The Orlando Business Journal is reporting that sources are telling them that there are talks going on between the Walt Disney Company and developer Tavistock Development Co. LLC. The current rumor involves residential as well as commercial development.

Right now it isn’t exactly clear what the deal is, and what we know could change at any time. However, Disney makes sense. They took quite a hit when they had to shut down for so long, and Florida bounced back much faster than California did as the states were under very different types of leadership.  But again, it’s all speculation and leaked information saying it’s the Walt Disney Co.

Here’s what we do know:

It seems Tavistock is getting ready to “develop 4,192 residential units and $2.4 million square feet of nonresidential space in an 1,800-acre area west of Narcoosee Road, north of Boggy Creek Road and east of Hidden Trail Road, according to city of Orlando documents.”

Back in January it was reported that six construction companies were bidding for the contract through Tavistock for an “..eight-story, 278,917-square-foot proposed office building at 13410 Veteran’s Wayas part of the Lake Nona Town Center. The estimated $35 million-$40 million project may take nearly a year-and-a-half to build

Allegedly Tavistock has already “found a company to take all the space in the building.

It’s the “who” and the “why” that we don’t know.

Who is it for?

Why are they developing it?

But it does go hand-in-hand with the rumors that Disney wants to relocate some of their departments or offices to Florida. If you move those departments you are going to have people who need housing. They already have Celebration and Golden Oaks, so why couldn’t they have another “city” for this. Sounds very original EPCOT to me.

I can’t wait to hear more!

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Image Source: Orlando Magazine

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