More Mask-Free Areas Coming To Epcot at Walt Disney World


If you’re not from Florida, I’ll tell you now that wearing a mask in our heat sucks. Luckily some counties are relaxing their mask rules. However, big businesses are going to keep their pro-mask policies in place as long as needed. So, if you plan on going to Walt Disney World, expect to wear one even if the surrounding cities and counties repeal their mandates.

Luckily companies like Disney are recognizing that going hours on hours with your face covered is excessive. So, in places like Epcot, areas have been designated to help alleviate that inconvenience, if only temporarily.

Blog Mickey noted that a new maskless area is being established for guests to free themselves from the cloth face-huggers. Previously these “relaxation areas” had been at the Akershus Royal Banquet Hall and within the vicinity of ‘Mission: Space.’ The newest one to be added will be in Morocco.

I’m not traveling all the way to Morocco to be free from masks! Oh, they mean Morocco in the World Showcase. For a second there, I thought things had gone even further overboard.

It’s not clear exactly where this maskless area is in Morocco. From pictures posted about the topic, it points to a seating area just by the tower near the back of the pavilion. While you’re enjoying air that doesn’t smell of your breath, perhaps you can pay respects to the now neutered “penis chimney.”

Some COVID era rules still apply, even in this designated space. While you can remove your mask in the areas, social distancing must remain in place. I can already hear the Karens now—the boozed-up Disney Karens. You know the ones. The “I deserve to act horribly because I’m on vacation” Karens.

God, I miss the parks!

Have you been to the parks recently while wearing a mask for hours? Are these relaxation areas helpful? Let us know in the comments.

[Source: Blog Mickey]

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