More Gucci Items Celebrating Mickey and Minnie Mouse for Chinese New Year


Previously we gave you a glimpse of some of the items coming from Gucci for their Chinese New Year Collection.

This collection is officially debuting today!

2020 is the year of the rat, or in this case mouse. Gucci and Disney are taking advantage of the perfect connection.

Here are some of the items coming from Gucci with the Gucci price tag you would expect!  The style, well it’s not for me.

The first watch is $1,800, the second watch is $1,650 and the Jersey Dress on the right is $1,600.

Online exclusive Card Case Wallet $480. Zip Around Wallet $780. Hooded Dress $1,400.

The Silver necklace is $750. The silk shorts in the middle are $980. The Mickey bracelet is $450 (a bargain.)

On the left is a silk shirt for $1,700. In the Middle is a neck bow for only $210. On the far right is a silk scarf for $495.

First up is the wool Sweater for $1,890. The middle wool sweater is $1,890. The final one, a cotton sweater dress is $2,700.

You can buy a nylon jacket for $2,600. The two hooded sweatshirts will cost you $1,400. each!  It’s a hoodie!

On the left we have “Loose Jogging Pants” for $1,400. You can buy the oversized jacket in them middle to match the pants for only $2,400. The t-shirt is $650.00!

Gucci T-shirt $650. The two wool scarfs are $550.

Sneakers are $650. Linen shorts are $1,250. A wool hat is $650.

From the left: Gucci Shoulder Bag $1,290. Top Handle Tote $1,590. Medium Backpack $2,390.

This Gucci Backpack is $990. Slides -$370. On the right the men’s “Ace” sneakers are $790.

Gucci slip-on sneaker $630. Reversible coat $4,900. The “Princetown slippers” are only  $890.

The Baseball Trucker hat is $390. The Bucket hat is $430. The Belt Bag, what us commoners call a “Fanny pack” is 1,150.

Small Gucci Shoulder bag $2,200. Small Bucket Bag $1,980. Plaid zip-up shirt $1,950

A Gucci suitcase is $6,300. The cotton scarf is $270. Gucci pouch 1,050.

iPhone Case $390 X/XS (not even an 11). Ace Sneaker $670. The Wallet is $450.

Passport Case $450. The Shoulder bag is $990. If you need a card case Gucci has this one for $290.

Or if you need a card case and a wallet you can get the one on the left for $460. The middle zip-around wallet is $750. The hat box is $5,800.

Women’s worn looking sneakers for $790. The Women’s slides are $370. The other women’s sneakers on the right, that also are retro in design, are $890.

Oversized bowling shirt $930. Wool cardigan is $1,900. The sweater is $1,400.

The Men’s Sneaker is $890. The silk scarf in the middle is $495. The wool sweater is $2,200.

Gucci tank top is $550. Linen t-shirt $690. Silk pajama pant is $1,700.

The Gucci T-shirts are each $650.

The small backpack on the left is $790. The medium carry-on duffel is $2,590. The medium tote is $1,980.

Thank goodness we’ve reached the end.

What did I learn today? I learned that mixing up patterns and looking like you get dressed in the dark is “high fashion.”  More points if you can somehow look like you are very poor while spending thousands is “in.”

Here are my favorite looks that Gucci posted:

I call this one “Mom I’m moving back in because I spend all my money on this ensemble.”

I call this one “Dude where’s my Lamborghini?”

This one I simply have no words for.

Or this one?


Oh! But I call this one “Vising Frontierland after work”

Some of the pieces are very cute individually but I would NOT put them together like they have. Not that I could afford to pay $650 for a t-shirt or 1,400 for a hoodie, but if you can go you! You do you! Just do it with better style.

What do you think? Comment and let us know!

Source: Gucci

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