More Disturbing Tweets from Mandalorian Graphic Artist Hal Hickel


Several days ago, we revealed on Pirates and Princesses that an Industrial Lights and Magic animation supervisor working on The Mandalorian was posting what might be considered vulgar material on their Twitter account. Said vulgar material just happened to be the same type of material that supposedly led to the firing of Gina Carano. Well, that animation supervisor – Hal Hickel – not only is still working for Lucasfilm after posting a conspiracy theory photo comparing huge swaths of America to the evil political movement of World War II Germany, as well as making gross comments about the recently deceased, but he’s also out there doing podcast interviews.

The Resistance Broadcast decided to sit down with Mr. Hickel for a revealing interview that seems to demonstrate just how ingrained he is at Lucasfilm and just how unafraid he is to do much worse than anything Gina Carano was ever accused of. And given how much contempt and hatred Mr. Hickel shows for anyone who doesn’t espouse his political views on Twitter, we’re curious if he had anything to do with the firing of Gina Carano. Mr. Hickel seems to state in the interview that he has some familiarity with Jon Favreau.

In the meantime, we’ve unearthed some more of Mr. Hickel’s social media posts that he felt free to share with the world while Carano was being targeted.

While Gina Carano was busy posting Twitter messages about the danger of hating others based on their political views, Mr. Hickel was busy calling Republican Senator Marsha Blackburn a “racist piece of ****” in a December 3rd post. We also found a profane video on Mr. Hickel’s Twitter account featuring multiple men showing their buttocks. We found a post in which Mr. Hickel advocated for people who didn’t wear a mask in a hypothetical federal mask mandate of his imagining would be forced to watch people die. That seems deranged.

Mr. Hickel was also busy posting extremely divisive comments that make you wonder if Carano was talking directly to him:

Now with Star Wars videos being disliked into oblivion over and over, perhaps it’s time to understand better just how politically extreme the people at Lucasfilm must be if Mr. Hickel has any credence there at all. How could a conservative, or even a moderate, possibly work in the same business as Mr. Hickel? We can’t imagine the level of hostility someone of that political persuasion must be subjected to while working with someone who openly declares he doesn’t want to reach his hand out to them.

We once again call for Disney, for Lucasfilm, and for Industrial Lights and Magic to return to a moderate political atmosphere that bridges the divide we see in our society. We further call on Disney employees to stop the rhetoric we’re seeing that leans towards a totalitarian desire. We also hope that Disney and Lucasfilm will begin implementing their rules in a consistent manner.

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