More Details about Concerts for Epcot’s Eat to the Beat Event


I understand that confession works wonders for the soul. Though I have some wonderful stories about people confessing things in a positive way and in some negative ways. I have a confession. I spend too much time on twitter. Yes, the horrible social experiment known as twitter sometimes consumes my time. I have committed to spending less time on twitter. On this one occasion, my lack of twitter time led to ignorance.

I shall attempt to explain. During my workday, I conducted scheduled phone calls and zoom meetings. I avoided my twitter feed except for a few direct messages. One of my friends communicated on twitter that two musical artists that I enjoy would be in Orlando. I ignore that message trying to stay off twitter. This message came in early that day. However, when I went to take my lunch break, which I usually take around 1:30pm, I saw the post by a colleague. They said that the concert schedule had been updated for “Eat to the Beat” concert series at Epcot. They messaged me to make sure I would know that Jeremy Camp and the Newsboys would be performing at Epcot. Now, they knew I missed out on seeing TobyMac at Epcot in May by a day. They wanted me to be aware so maybe I could enjoy these concerts.

If you have no idea who those musical artists are, then you do not function in my sub-culture of music known as “Contemporary Christian Music.” If that style of music is not your preference, then Epcot is offering concerts almost every evening from the middle of July until the middle of November. The previous list of musical artists to perform can be found here.

However, several new musical acts have been very recently added to the concert series in addition to the ones I mentioned. The list of truly “New” musical acts added to line-up sits near the lower portion of this article. I say truly new since Walt Disney World’s website indicates that Hoobastank, Los Amigos Invisibles, and Stokley are new additions. However, as you can see in the article on our site from May, that fails to be true. I suppose this comes down to how you define the word “new.” The true additions, as best as I can tell, are:


Jeremy Camp July 24 and 25

Blanco Brown August 26 and 27

Newsboys October 16 and 17

Ray Parker Jr. October 21 and 22


So based on these additions, Walt Disney World has provided Epcot guests the ability to sing to Jesus a few times, do the “Git Up” challenge, and decide if anyone is truly afraid of ghosts. Of course, no matter the style of music you prefer, Epcot will have a musical artist for you.

The concerts happen on scheduled nights in the American Gardens Theatre in Epcot. Concerts happen at 5:00pm, 6:45pm, and 8:00pm on scheduled nights. The renowned musical artists perform concerts on Friday through Monday nights. Local artists perform on Tuesday through Thursday nights. Make sure to check the schedule for a night you might want to eat to the beat.


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