Mooncat Magnetic Nail Polish Offers ‘Hocus Pocus 2’ Line


Mooncat is a brand of nail polish that uses a magnetic wand to mix or control the metallic pieces inside the polish. It’s actually pretty cool. Now they are offering some colors based on the ‘Hocus Pocus 2’ film, which also happens to be their first Disney collaboration too!

Plus the products are non-toxic, cruelty free and 100% vegan!

They posted this on social media:

Let’s take a look!

Black Flame Candle – $16

The legends are true. the BLACK FLAME CANDLE is once again alight, much to the SANDERSON SISTERS’ delight. wave your magnetic wand over this mysterious limited-edition beacon, if you dare… for, it’ll quickly come alive with twinkling pink glints, a mystical peach magnetic glow…and an unmistakably sinister air.

BLACK FLAME CANDLE is a limited-edition black magnetic lacquer with pink iridescent flakies that reveals a peach magnetic stripe.

Reclaim the Flame – $16

Your claws look like they could benefit from a little witchful thinking. blaze your own path with the help of this limited-edition hot crimson potion. filled with color-shifting glints of pink iridescent flakies and a generous dash of pink magnetic magic, this specialty brew is perfect for performing birthday rituals or elevating everyday nail hexes.

RECLAIM THE FLAME is a limited-edition crimson magnetic lacquer with pink iridescent flakies that reveals a pink magnetic stripe.

Amuck! Amuck! Amuck! – $16

Let your paws run AMUCK! with this delightfully wicked limited-edition brew. glimmering with glints of blue flakies and hints of sweet pink pigment, this truly witchy purple tincture will leave your claws glowing far beyond the first signs of dawn on ALL HALLOW’S EVE.

AMUCK! AMUCK! AMUCK! is a limited-edition purple magnetic lacquer with blue iridescent flakies that reveals a pink magnetic stripe.”

Melaka Mystica – $16

Itchita copita melaka mystica. unbottle this limited-edition navy potion to cast a truly hypnotizing hex over each of your mortal claws. with a simple wave of your magnetic wand, watch as mystical pops of pink iridescent flakies and swirls of silver magnetic pigment become quickly suspended in an eternally memorable design of your own creation.

MELAKA MYSTICA is a limited-edition navy magnetic lacquer with pink iridescent flakies that reveals a silver magnetic stripe.

Dab of Newt – $16

Don’t be the mop-riding firefly who lets this truly magnetizing limited-edition potion pass you by. all of the best claw curses, hexes, and tricks call for a generous dash of this bright green tincture. unbottle this precious elixir and watch as glittering pieces of gold and burrowing teal flakies are suddenly sent aflutter with the simple tap of your magnetic wand.

DAB OF NEWT is a limited-edition light green magnetic lacquer with teal iridescent flakies that reveals a gold magnetic stripe.”

We’re Back Witches – $16

Help your claws take centerstage with this bewitching limited-edition brew. as a hypnotic wash of green magnetic pigment and color-shifting lime flakies bubbles trouble against its blackest-black base, you’ll leave a crowd of magnetized mortals helplessly spellbound in your wake.

WE’RE BACK, WITCHES is a limited-edition black magnetic lacquer with lime green iridescent flakies that reveals a green magnetic stripe.

Hocus Pocus 2 Set – $99 (Regularly $106)

This pre-order will ship after October 19th.

The SANDERSON SISTERS are back, witches – and just in time for MOONCAT’S first-ever collaboration collection. come along and summon your own little BOOOOK of hexes, potions, and tricks. and cast a bewitching spell over your mortal claws with six enchanting magnetic flakie lacquers and a truly witchy assortment of nail art stickers. all limited edition and conjured in collaboration with DISNEY’S HOCUS POCUS 2 – now streaming on Disney+.

the limited-edition HOCUS POCUS 2 SET includes a special spellbook-inspired collector’s box with NAIL ART STICKERS + six magnetic lacquers: BLACK FLAME CANDLE,  AMUCK! AMUCK! AMUCK!,  MELAKA MYSTICA, WE’RE BACK, WITCHES,  RECLAIM THE FLAME, DAB OF NEWT. set includes magnetic wand.

Afterpay is available for orders over $35. For a limited time 10% of sales will got to KONEKO so cats can find homes.

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