Mondo Is Releasing Danny Elfman’s Dr. Strange Soundtrack On Vinyl


Doctor Strange’s sequel is out, and it seems to be doing well at the box office and with audiences. You can check out our review of the latest MCU film here. For those of you out there who were thinking about picking up the original soundtrack, hold off on picking up that CD or digital download. A new vinyl record is on the way!

The score for Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness was composed by musical legend Danny Elfman. The man from Oingo Boingo had previously worked with director Sam Raimi on other superhero films like Spider-Man and the cult classic Darkman. His composition will soon be available on vinyl, thanks to Mondo!

The cover features artwork created by Florian Bertmer, whose Shin Godzilla prints are fantastic. The Doctor Strange artwork is likewise display-worthy. The LP will go on sale tomorrow, Wednesday, May 11th, at noon Central Time. It can be ordered over at Mondo’s Record Shop for $40.


Mondo did not have a tracklist available, but I popped over to Apple Music and found it there. I wouldn’t doubt that every track will be on the two records. For the full tracklist that appears in the film, check it out here:

  1. Multiverse of Madness
  2. On the Run
  3. Strange Awakens
  4. The Apple Orchard
  5. Are You Happy
  6. Gargantos
  7. Journey with Wong
  8. Home?
  9. Strange Statue
  10. The Decision Is Made
  11. A Cup of Tea
  12. Discovering America
  13. Grab My Hand
  14. Battle Time
  15. Not a Monster
  16. Forbidden Ground
  17. Tribunal
  18. They’re Not Coming Back
  19. Stranger Things Will Happen
  20. Buying Time
  21. Book of Vishanti
  22. Looking for Strange
  23. Strange Talk
  24. Lethal Symphonies
  25. Getting Through
  26. Only Way
  27. Trust Your Power
  28. They’ll Be Loved
  29. Farewell
  30. An Interesting Question
  31. Main Titles
  32. An Unexpected Visitor

Thanks to the Marvel Music VEVO YouTube channel, some selections from the Multiverse Of Madness soundtrack can be heard below. While not as iconic as his other scores, this is distinctively Elfman’s work.

I’m concerned about how well Danny Elfman’s score translates to vinyl. I own a few scores from various sci-fi and action films on vinyl, and they lose some of that much-needed punch when sent through a needle. The pressed 180-gram records look amazing and are more for showin’ than playing.

What do you think of the official soundtrack? Let us know in the comments section below.

[Source: Mondo]

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