Minnie Mouse: The Main Attraction Series 8 Dumbo Is Now Available To Enter

Today is the day to enter for Minnie Mouse: The Main Attraction MerchPass for Series 8 Dumbo. Collectors notices with Series 7 that it seemed like there wasn’t as many people on the boards that got picked and the numbers seemed lower on many items.  Of course eBay had a bunch for 2-3X the price (or higher.)  Not holding my breath that Disney does anything about it. They refuse to back down on this lemon of a system.

But get ready to try again. Maybe we will all get lucky!

MerchPass is open and will run until 11:59 PM PST / 2:59 AM EST.

Here’s what’s available:

And it’s even less than before for some items!

Plush – 7,630 that is significantly lower than Series 7 at 11,990 and Series 6 at 11,910

Pins- 11,610 which are up from Series 7 at 11,450 but way down from Series 6 at 15,450

Mouse Ear Headband – 3,910 for this one, but Series 7 had 5,085 and Series 6 had 4,990.  Once again a high demand item has been cut significantly.

Loungefly Bag – 1,600 now this one is up from Series 7 at 1,240, but down from Series 6 at 2,400.

Mug- 4,330 which is way down from Series 7 at 5,810 and and 8,670 from Series 6.

Magic Band – 475. We don’t know how many were out for Series 7 since they just dropped them without the MerchPass at midnight/3AM. Series 6 had 470.

There are some significant reductions in availability here. Why is there no consistency here? I would think they would be the same basic amounts each time. But we are down over 4,000 on plush this time almost 1,200 on ears, and about 1/2 of the amount of mugs we had for Series 6.

If you did get items you will find out by 5PM PST / 8 PM EST on August 20th.

Overseas they got their release today and unlike the U.S. they didn’t have to go through the MerchPass fiasco for the chance to buy. I don’t care how lucky you are I doubt that the people who got “everything they wanted” or got 4 out of 5 items did so without using many accounts.

This is ridiculous!

Good luck. You’re going to need it.

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