Minnie Mouse: The Main Attraction June Release Confirmed


We now have confirmation that the earlier leak was in fact the June, Peter Pan’s Flight, release for the Minnie Mouse: the Main Attraction line. I’m so excited because it’s so pretty!

I love it! Now this time the Loungefly backpack is $90, just letting you know. The other prices seem to be staying the same for the release.

Again, here’s the look at the June line.

The ears are sequined and feature the second star to the right as well as Tinkerbell.

The Loungefly backpack matches the ears with the sequins and stars but, as I mentioned, it is more expensive for this line.

The pins feature Minnie mouse, the ears, and the Jolly Roger.

The star for me is the plush. I love everything about this one. I think she’s my favorite so far and that’s saying something.

I’m really hoping collectors can actually get these pieces because lately they are going straight out to re-sellers using bots and going to places like eBay for huge mark-ups. Shop Disney hasn’t been able to stop it. Their measures last time crashed the site for hours and led to a lot of upset customers. Since it was Star Wars they offered items longer and on backorder, but with things like the Minnie Mouse: The Main Attraction collection and some of the more high-demand Disney Designer ears, they don’t offer another run.

June’s line is already really popular with everyone.

Hopefully we can all get what we want!

What do you think? Comment and let us know!


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