Minnie Mouse: The Main Attraction Fans Continue To Call Out MerchPass in Dumbo Collection Reviews


People are fed up with MerchPass and maybe Disney needs to rethink this one and fast. Up until Series 6, collectors could purchase the items on ShopDisney.com like they can in other countries, where they put them up and you could order your items. Yes, it was a problem because of bots buying a large amount of items for resale, but if you were patient, you could usually score something.

Then came Merchpass, where you put your selections down and see if you are lucky enough to get chosen to buy them. The problem is people are using dozens of accounts to still take a lot of the merchandise. Resulting in some people getting multiples when other people can not get one.

Fans and collectors are fed up and have again taken to the review section Shop Disney to let the company know how upset they are. Of course some people are happy with it because they got chosen, but many haven’t even gotten chosen once in the last 3 drawings.

Here are some reviews (both good and bad) notice the amount of people agreeing or disagreeing with the comments:

Many are really mad. It doesn’t help that while some get nothing others get multiples and are listing them on sites like Mercari and Ebay:

25. They had 25!

The seller above had 5 sets of pins.  Below they had 9!
Limit is 1. 1 per account.

There is clearly a problem with this system and the items are still going to the resellers, but at least before collectors had a chance.

Hopefully they can figure out some solution soon, because this is not cutting it!

What do you think? Comment and let us know!

Source: ShopDisney.com

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