Minnie Mouse the Main Attraction Collection Put On Hold


Disney has caused quite an uproar. They have just decided to pause the Minnie Mouse the Main Attraction release for June,  which was based on Peter Pan’s Flight. This comes just days ahead of it’s scheduled release date on Saturday, June 20.

When you head over to the site it says:

Minnie will return soon

Minnie has headed on summer vacation! Stay tuned and check back right here for the upcoming releases of Series 6-12, You won’t miss a thing as you build your magical collections.

So now we have no idea when the next ones will come out. Before we always knew it was the 3rd Saturday in the month. The UK site is still saying theirs will be releasing on June 18th as scheduled.

Why could this be happening?

Well, I have a couple of theories, and of course they are theories not facts.

1. Disney is doing this due to the big issue with bots and third party sites coming in and wiping out inventory while most people sit in a waiting room. But they haven’t seemed to care with other high demand items, so why start now.

2. We already knew that supply chains were disrupted due to COVID-19, so it could be a matter of delays in the merchandise because factories were shut down.

3. To alleviate the issues with #1 they may just want to put them out in the store at the same time as the website. If they hold off until stores can reopen they can do this, even though they had said that it would be on Shop Disney only. That was before they sent Minnie “on vacation.”

As someone who buys this collection I’m disappointed, but something needs to be done about how it’s being handled. People are getting charged numerous times for purchases that don’t go through. You can’t check out when you do have items in your cart and items like the ears and the bags are gone almost immediately. Sometimes you can still get one later, but often they are just gone.  Then they suddenly appear on eBay at massively marked up prices, with some sellers even having multiples when it’s one per customer.

I understand that there are likely reasons for the delay, I’m just disappointed because I was looking forward to the next month in the series. So far I have purchased each month, even though I could not get the ears at all last month.

What do you think? Comment and let us know!

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