Mike Colter Open To Returning As Luke Cage In The MCU


Ever since Charlie Cox was revealed to be reprising the his role as Matt Murdock aka Daredevil from the popular Marvel Netflix series many fans have been wondering if any other actors/characters from that section in Marvel history would return.

Recently actor Finn Jones, who played Danny Rand aka Iron Fist, expressed that he wanted to have another go at the proud martial arts warrior. However that one looks unlikely as Marvel may seek to adapt a different version of Iron Fist for the MCU.

Aside from that Daredevil and Iron Fist, the only other members of the Defenders are Luke Cage (Played by: Mike Colter) and Jessica Jones (Played by: Krysten Ritter); You also have Jon Bernthal’s Frank Castle aka Punisher, Élodie Yung’s Elektra and Rachel Taylor’s Trish Walker aka Hellcat.

In a recent interview with Inverse actor Mike Colter, while promoting his new action film Plane, revealed that he wouldn’t be against returning to his Marvel role. 

At first he was asked about he felt about his time working on the series. He said:

It’s something that I really cherish. Just a moment in my life and career that I enjoyed, and that gave me a platform. And it’s an interesting role to play.

The interviewer then asked if he would consider playing him again in the light of Charlie Cox’s recent return. He replied:

“There’s always potential, but at the same time, I’m very happy doing what I’m doing. I’m very happy doing film roles. I’m really in a good place.”

The interviewer then asked what if Kevin Feige himself asked him to return. He then answered with:

“If the opportunity came up, and it presented itself, there’s always room to talk. But I never have any active thoughts about it. Would I entertain it? Sure. But at the same time, Marvel is the boss, Kevin Feige, those guys have a whole plan. Whatever they do, I’m sure they’re gonna make the right decision, and I’m sure the fans will be happy with it.”

While Colter isn’t against the possibility of a return he doesn’t seem to be entirely for it either, preferring to work on new projects over revisiting old ones.

What do you think? Would you like to see Mike Colter return as Luke Cage?

Source: Inverse

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