Mickey Mouse Meet and Greet Now Open In ‘Disney Pixar Film Festival’ Area of the Imagination Pavilion

(Credit: WDWNT)

There have been a lot of changes at Epcot recently and today has seen some big changes.

MouseGear has moved to a temporary location in Innoventions East and there have been some character spots added and moved.

Mickey Mouse can now be found in the Imagination Pavilion at the Disney Pixar Film Festival Area.

If you go up the ramp into the film area (I think Disney is trying to get more traffic in there) you can find Mickey off to the right hand side in a new area for him.

(Credit: WDWNT)

Again I’m going to send you to YouTube to find videos of the new area. At the top of the list is WDWNT (They are on it!)

It’s set up to look like a stage with film reels. Of course this is incredibly fitting for a Film Fest area as well. Good call on that one Disney!

(Credit: WDWNT)

If you are headed over to Epcot, make sure to check out the new character meet and greet locations as Epcot continues to transform in the next year or two.

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