Media Gets Marvel And DC Fans To Argue Over Superman And Ant-Man


The other day we saw two major videos release, each from the two top super hero franchises. The first was from Marvel, and their video was the first trailer for the upcoming third Ant-Man film Ant-Man and the Wasp: Qiantumania. The second video was from DC, and theirs was the official announcement of Henry Cavill’s return as Superman to the DCEU.

The trailer for Ant-Man 3 showed us a trip into the the Quantum Realm aka The Microverse. We see out heroes all stuck in a world smaller than humanly possible and they need to find a way out while also dealing with Kang the Conquerer (The MCU’s newest ‘Big Bad’).


However the video announcing Henry Cavill’s return was a simple video from the actor’s instagram. A short and sweet video talking about how he wanted to wait until after the weekend to make the announcement and that what we saw in Black Adam was only a taste of what’s to come. 

One thing is for certain, that both Marvel and DC have plenty of projects ahead and many fans are excited for it.

But shortly after both videos were posted a story was being shared around with the headline “Did Henry Cavill’s Superman Return Just Crush Marvel’s Ant-Man 3 Trailer?“.

The story highlighted a few tweets and comments from individuals saying they were more excited over Superman than Ant-Man 3 and set a whole narrative.

Obviously this was a piece meant to cause a bit of unrest within both fanbases, and now it appears to have worked as both Marvel and DC fans seem to be arguing online.

There are so many tweets of people arguing over this subject they cannot fit into this one article. 

Meanwhile on the side we have people in the middle who are excited for both and don’t want to play favorites, as well as criticize the pointless arguing.

It goes to show you that there are people who always try to stir something up to get people to argue. Thankfully many see past this attempt to pit fanbases against one another and try to enjoy both announcements. I am sure both Henry Cavill and Paul Rudd would prefer unity over division.


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