Meatloaf at Toothsome?

toothsome chocolate factory

Today, I searched through my theme park dining reviews for a review of a specific item. An online conversation prompted me to search for a specific food review. Alas, I failed to locate the review I thought I wrote months ago. So, what menu item would draw me to search. Well, this food item appears on the Toothsome Chocolate Emporium and Savory Feast Kitchen menu. This restaurant stands large in Universal Orlando CityWalk skyline. Brunch menu items features all day here (review of patty melt French toast here). This establishment serves incredible desserts such as shakes and sundaes. They even serve a vegan Instagram worthy shake.

Photo by Jon Self

However, none of those items caused my search. Proof that Toothsome creates quality savory menu items shines through with Brisket and Wild Mushroom Meatloaf. Now, you may not visit Toothsome with the idea of ordering a comfort food like meatloaf. Nevertheless, if you are a fan of meatloaf, then this item should be considered for a solid meal.

The menu description describes this meatloaf as having roasted corn, crispy fried onions, Yukon Gold mashed potatoes, and bordelaise sauce. Of course, as meatloaf name gives away, you should expect flavors of brisket and wild mushrooms also. Diners currently pay $18.95 for this flavorful dish. This meatloaf provides more than your average homestyle meatloaf flavor. The combination of ingredients works very well together and the sauce helps bring the dish together. The brisket  pairs well with the other components. As you may imagine, the potatoes are good quality adding to the meatloaf.

toothsome chocoalte factory

If you do not enjoy the flavor of well-prepared mushrooms, then this dish should be avoided by you. Yet, if you enjoy well prepared mushroom flavor, you will be convinced this dish deserves high praise.

The flavors of each individual portion of this dish may not shine as much as you would expect at a solid full-service restaurant. If you take a bite of only meatloaf with no sauce for example, the flavor will be good but very different. I found it off-putting when not paying attention to the amount of each component was on my fork.

Toothsome Chocolate factory

Still, the merging of flavors causes the sum of the parts to be something excellent. This meatloaf lacks the photo worthy appearance of the Toothsome shakes. Yet, the quality of this meatloaf easily makes it worth the money spent.

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